Multinational trailweek

05-06-2021 - 12-06-2021
During the multinational trail week we will run in 3 countries: Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. We are going to discover where the most beautiful trails and views are. The distances vary between 15 and 30 kilometers. This week is meant for experienced trail runners who like to run on varied terrain with quite a few altimeters and of course beautiful views. And want to experience a great week in the mountains with fellow trail runners.


Day 1 - Getting there
Arrival in Flums late afternoon. After a greeting and a drink, we set off immediately. Stretch your legs during a short round of about 10 km past the chapel of St. Georgen and the Bertschen waterfall

10 500 01:00:00
Day 2 - Schesaplana - Austria
Today we start in Switzerland, we drive to Fanas, where we take the cablecar to Sassauna. From there we run to Austria to the famous summit of the Schesaplana and the Lünersee in the Montafon

29 2100 03:30:00
Day 3 - 7 Gipfel - 14 Seen
This day we keep it closer to home. We will be running the 7 Gipfel Tour on Flumserberg

20 1500 03:00:00
Day 4 - Gräpplang
Today, we make a short runt to the Gräpplang ruins

10 250 01:30:00
Day 5 - Alvier and Gonzen
Today we do a double vertical and then grab a 2nd peak on the way back.

15 2000 04:00:00
Day 6 - Fürstensteig - 3 Schwestern
One of the best trails in the region is the Fürstensteig and the 3 Schwestern in Liechtenstein

28 2000 03:00:00
Day 7 - Going home - Bildbrugg
Unfortunately time to go home. For those who feel like it, we can do a short tour in the morning. Or take a delicious breakfast and a few extra coffee for the journey home

10 500 01:30:00

Details of this trip

Multinational trailweek
  • Type: multi
  • Date: 05-06-2021 - 12-06-2021
  • Price: CHF 695,- | € 703,-
  • Participants: 0 / 9
  • 122 km
  • 8850 hm
What is included
  • Overnight stays
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Full program with guidance
  • Use of towels, bed linen, WiFi and parking
  • Possible costs for mountain lifts
  • Lunch
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Transport to Flums and on the spot
What you need to bring
Packing list

Emergency numbers
Emergency numbers

General conditions
General conditions


This trip has already ended and has to be planned new. Please Contact me for any questions.

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