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Spring Inn team

Maarten Hendriks

Maarten Hendriks

I am a fanatical sportsman, family man, handyman and IT person. I already ran many marathons in the Netherlands and was often on the road on my racing bike. After our move to Switzerland in 2013, mountain running, skiing and cross-country skiing were added. In the mountains I am in my element, conquering the height every time, to be able to enjoy the beautiful views afterwards, I can't get enough of that. Yet I still like to get into competition during a road marathon. It's all about the journey, the experience, the enjoyment of sports between and in the mountains..

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Maartje Vandewall

I work as a pediatrician at Ă„rztezentrum Oberhasli, where I enjoy having my practice for children. In between work I also enjoy cycling, running and hiking in the mountains. We live in the mountains to enjoy it. We have 3 children: Imke, Floortje and Nils, all three of whom are involved in Swiss life. We welcome you as a guest in our house in the Haslital and would like to show you our beautiful surroundings.

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Maartje Vandewall

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