Gaffia - Sardonahütte


Today we start a little earlier so that we don't get stuck in a hiking jam. From the Berghotel Gaffia we walk up to the old Alp Gaffia. From there we start the famous 5-lake hike counterclockwise, also known as the “Grüezi Weg”. The beautiful mountain lakes are always our companions up to the Wildseeluggen. From there we branch off towards Lavtinasattel. As the highlight we will climb the Pizol summit at 2,844 meters. Over the Lavtina saddle it goes down into the valley to the dreamlike Batöni waterfall arena. Once there, it goes back up to the Heidelpass along the Balaton and Heubützlipass. We always have Piz Sardona in view. We end our day exhausted but perfectly happy in the Sardonahütte. Addition: If you don't feel exhausted enough and are still looking for a challenge, you can climb Piz Sardona in the afternoon.


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