Churfirsten rounttrip


The Churfirsten rounttrip. This is a round with not too much climbing, but already a nice distance of 120km. From Flums we first drive to the Rhine dam, which we follow until Buchs / Grabs. From there we drive to Wildhaus via the grabserberg.

We are now at the back of the Churfirsten and can start a long descent to Starkenbach. There it is possible to shorten the route via vordere Höhi to Amden, but beware, that is a tough climb. The normal route continues to Wattwil and then turns off to Ricken and Kaltbrunn.

From here we go in the direction of Ziegelbrücke, and another short climb over Kerenzerberg


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Spring Inn

Felsenstrasse 10
8890 Flums